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FARRAR: An icon in iron work

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Though it began life more than 80 years ago as a blacksmithing enterprise nestled amidst the grain fields of Norwich, Kansas, the Farrar Corporation exists today as a dynamic single-supply-source for ductile iron castings, machining, heat-treating and assembly services which capably cater to a wide range of industrial and manufacturing needs. Adding considerable...

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2 Ways to Improve Cash Flow Now

Farrar Corp, Manhattan, Kan., found working capital via the research and development tax credit and a cost segregation study. Other metalcasters can do the same.
- Kraig Vondran, Farrar Corp., Manhattan, Kansas

Many metalcasters that survived the recent economic downturn came out scarred. Sure,they…

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Conversion Breaks Ice for Start-Up

Casting saved Phil Bearly the money he needed to move his startup company ahead. Ultramech, Loveland, Colo., builds the menacing Arctic Shark, which is built for municipalities in cold-weather region to break up ice on roadways. The machine uses 20 metal wheels to claw away at frozen streets…

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Farrar Goes From Start To Finish

Farrar Corp. has increased revenues by a factor of fi ve since it devoted itself to becoming a one-stop ductile iron supplier in 1988.

Year Founded: 1933.
Metals Cast: Ductile iron.
Casting Process: Horizontally parted green sand.
Casting Range: Ounces to 75 lbs.
Monthly Production: 1.5 million lbs.
Value-Added Services: Patternmaking, painting, full machining capabilities, assembly, heat treat.
Employees: 150. Farrar Corporation…

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Our green sand foundry has exclusively poured all grades of ASTM A536 Ductile Iron since 1967.
We print molds & cores directly from CAD for prototypes with the shortest lead times!
Farrar's internal capabilities of a foundry, machine shop, and heat treat facility give it the unique ...
See us for all your CNC turning, CNC milling, drilling, broaching and gear cutting needs.
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