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Farrar’s Monthly Message

Welcome to 2023.  Calendar year 2022 was a unique, good, and challenging year all rolled up into one. 

It was unique as we continued to see supply chain challenges in supply, delivery, and pricing.  It was also unique in that ductile iron orders and capacity throughout the United States was stretched thin and lead times increased.  In the same breath, during this unique time, Farrar was able to ensure continuous operations through our diligence in developing secondary and tertiary suppliers to keep the iron flowing in the foundry and the machine shops cutting chips.

It was a good year as we saw growth in our company and our employees.  We are blessed with a talented and driven team that has put in the time to ensure that we are Safely providing a Quality product On-Time.  All our leaders spent time developing and mentoring their team to ensure we continue to have the best team that our customers expect.  This included time spent in the foundry and machine shops working alongside our employees to expedite product through our processes, coaching them with training, and developing them through continued education.

It was a challenging year not only for Farrar, but for all businesses.  Throughout 2022, all businesses were hiring: manufacturing, retail, food, and countless others.  Farrar made numerous changes to our hiring process and internal programs to continue to attract, and retain, top quality personnel.  These changes slowly paid dividends throughout 2022; we entered 2023 with a drastically reduced need for additional personnel. 

We want to thank you for your continued trust in Farrar in 2022 and the confidence you have in us for the supply of your ductile iron needs in 2023.  We continue to be positioned well with suppliers, vendors, and employees for a strong and growth oriented 2023.

Thank you again and may your 2023 be blessed and prosperous.

Scott Case


About Farrar Corporation

Our History

Farrar Corporation began in 1933 as a blacksmith and repair shop. The green sand foundry was added in 1967 as a way to make our own castings and then grew to the point that Farrar dropped its own product line to focus only on providing cast and machined parts to O.E.M. customers. In the early 1990’s, Farrar began producing Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) in addition to the standard ASTM grades of Ductile Iron. Farrar is a family-owned/privately held corporation that is currently in its third generation of ownership. Through the years we have grown into a nationally recognized company known for our service, specializing in providing finish machined ductile iron castings and assemblies. Farrar Corporation is your single source for pattern design and production throughout the continental United States.

Mission Statement

Farrar Corporation is a vertically integrated company providing ductile iron castings, machining and total quality service to original equipment manufacturing companies.

Vision Statement

Farrar Corporation strives to be a company that provides the highest quality products, services and turnkey solutions.

Company Core Values

Farrar Corporation operates with integrity, stewardship, teamwork, continuous improvement and a commitment to creative value for our customers while building long term relationships.