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About Us

A Message From Farrar

The seasons are changing; gasoline prices remain in constant change, and raw materials continue their changes on a near monthly basis.  The constant that remains is that Farrar continues strong daily operations and continues to see strong orders for the following months.

We continue to invest in new equipment and technology to strengthen not only our production capacity and availability but invest in new technology and advancements.  Some of these investments have allowed us to improve lead times, improve our efficiencies, and increase our employee retention. 

Our website highlights many sections of our company and our capabilities.  We are proud of the vertical integration we have established.  Our Pattern Shop is at the heart of our engineering department and some of our technology improvements.  We have improved our pattern designs, reduced our lead-times, and developed solutions to keep Farrar at the forefront of superb ductile iron castings.

Our Foundry continues to investigate equipment and technology to further develop and improve upon our lead-times, production, and process control.  Our investments in melting, molding and shakeout scratch the surface of the capital investments Farrar has planned for continuous improvement.

Our Machine Shops continue to improve the shortening lead-times and improving machining efficiencies across a plethora of machining centers.  Like our foundry operations, we continue to evaluate and implement new equipment, technology and improve processes.  Our investments in machining have performed as planned and further investments are being targeted.

None of the above happens without great people; and Farrar is blessed with some of the best tin the industry.  From the production floor to administration and to engineering, Farrar has an excellent team of professionals to take care of your ductile iron casting needs. 

Farrar can be your service provider of choice from pattern design through pouring, through heat treating/annealing, through machining, through assembly, and through a plethora of outside services providers like austempering, e-coat, powder coat, and liquid paint to name a few.  So, give us a call to solve your ductile iron casting needs.

Scott Case


About Farrar Corporation

Our History

Farrar Corporation began in 1933 as a blacksmith and repair shop. The green sand foundry was added in 1967 as a way to make our own castings and then grew to the point that Farrar dropped its own product line to focus only on providing cast and machined parts to O.E.M. customers. In the early 1990’s, Farrar began producing Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) in addition to the standard ASTM grades of Ductile Iron. Farrar is a family-owned/privately held corporation that is currently in its third generation of ownership. Through the years we have grown into a nationally recognized company known for our service, specializing in providing finish machined ductile iron castings and assemblies. Farrar Corporation is your single source for pattern design and production throughout the continental United States.

Mission Statement

Farrar Corporation is a vertically integrated company providing ductile iron castings, machining and total quality service to original equipment manufacturing companies.

Vision Statement

Farrar Corporation strives to be a company that provides the highest quality products, services and turnkey solutions.

Company Core Values

Farrar Corporation operates with integrity, stewardship, teamwork, continuous improvement and a commitment to creative value for our customers while building long term relationships.