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A Message From Farrar

Spring is in the air; and if you live in the Midwest, you have seen spring and winter battling one another for temperature supremacy.   One day we enjoy chips and salsa, the next day it is smores and coffee.  We are beginning to see the trees bud out, flowers creep up from the soil, and the grass begin to awaken.   Everything is in full change mode.

The same can be said for Farrar.  Over the winter and into spring, Farrar has seen the fruits of our labor come to fruition.  That fruit includes:

                A robot installation in our cleaning room/grinding area

                A new Laempe core machine for our foundry core department

                A new 3D laser scanning arm for our quality and engineering departments

Farrar began the installation of a robot into our grinding operations in February of 2024.  We are working with an integrator out of Wichita, BG Automation, and are excited about the opportunities this will provide for our company and clients.  We are integrating a full vision system that will allow us to autonomously run the robot with limited human involvement.  This involvement will include supplying additional crated castings for grinding and removing boxed, ground castings ready for shipping.  This automation will allow Farrar additional cross-training opportunities for our employees to support other areas of our operations.

Our Laempe core machine was also delivered in February and is currently being installed.  We are anxious to introduce this new core machine into our production of Iso-cure cores and should be in full production within the coming weeks.  We will be making modifications to existing core boxes, going through the required PPAP process as we transition to this new core machine. 

Many of our clients have requested 3D scans of castings during PPAP as well as pattern development.  We have answered this request with an investment in a 3D laser scanning arm.  This technology will allow Farrar to provide our clients with 3D scans of castings with increased accuracy.  Training is fully under way, and we are excited about the opportunity this provides for our clients.

Our investments in equipment, technology, and employees allows Farrar to remain at the forefront of customer service.  Our team of experts can solve your ductile iron casting and machining needs and provide the type of support and communication you deserve. 

Scott Case


About Farrar Corporation

Our History

Farrar Corporation began in 1933 as a blacksmith and repair shop. The green sand foundry was added in 1967 as a way to make our own castings and then grew to the point that Farrar dropped its own product line to focus only on providing cast and machined parts to O.E.M. customers. In the early 1990’s, Farrar began producing Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) in addition to the standard ASTM grades of Ductile Iron. Farrar is a family-owned/privately held corporation that is currently in its third generation of ownership. Through the years we have grown into a nationally recognized company known for our service, specializing in providing finish machined ductile iron castings and assemblies. Farrar Corporation is your single source for pattern design and production throughout the continental United States.

Mission Statement

Farrar Corporation is a vertically integrated company providing ductile iron castings, machining and total quality service to original equipment manufacturing companies.

Vision Statement

Farrar Corporation strives to be a company that provides the highest quality products, services and turnkey solutions.

Company Core Values

Farrar Corporation operates with integrity, stewardship, teamwork, continuous improvement and a commitment to creative value for our customers while building long term relationships.