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Farrar’s Monthly Message

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas

As we inch closer to Thanksgiving, may we each take the time to slow down and appreciate what we have and how far we have come.  Whether you will be spending the Thanksgiving holiday with friends, family, or a combination of the two, we wish you the very best during this season of thankfulness.  

As Christmas quickly approaches and we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, take the time to reflect and slow down during this Christmas season.   With the craziness that we encountered in 2022, may we each take the time during this Christmas to reflect on every blessing in our life and look forward to what 2023 will have in store for us.

Some of us, during the thanksgiving and Christmas season will struggle with life changes that have transpired.  If you know of someone who will be experiencing a thanksgiving and Christmas differently this year, take the time to reach out and comfort them or lend an encouraging word.  Your contact and words will impact their life, and yours, more than you could possibly know.

I also want to say Happy Thanksgiving to Merry Christmas to:

Farrar Family of Clients – As a client of Farrar I appreciate your business and the trust you have in us to deliver ductile iron castings for your product lines.  The team at Farrar has overcome some challenges and is currently working to instill changes and new processes to serve your needs better into 2023.  I thank you for your business and the growth you have allowed us to achieve.

Farrar Family of Vendors – As a supplier and vendor to Farrar, I thank you for all you have done for us to keep the iron melting, the machines running, and the product getting delivered.  There were an inordinate number of changes in the supply chain and material availability and thanks to each vendor, we continued to receive the needed materials and resources to produce the high-quality castings Farrar is known for.

Farrar Family – Words cannot be expressed enough to thank the employees of Farrar for what you achieved during 2022.  You faced numerous challenges from every angle, and you adapted, changed, improved, and reacted with the professionalism and respect that we are known for.  I am blessed and excited to be a part of this journey with you and look forward to what we can do in 2023.  Thank you!!

Have a great holiday,

Scott Case


About Farrar Corporation

Our History

Farrar Corporation began in 1933 as a blacksmith and repair shop. The green sand foundry was added in 1967 as a way to make our own castings and then grew to the point that Farrar dropped its own product line to focus only on providing cast and machined parts to O.E.M. customers. In the early 1990’s, Farrar began producing Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) in addition to the standard ASTM grades of Ductile Iron. Farrar is a family-owned/privately held corporation that is currently in its third generation of ownership. Through the years we have grown into a nationally recognized company known for our service, specializing in providing finish machined ductile iron castings and assemblies. Farrar Corporation is your single source for pattern design and production throughout the continental United States.

Mission Statement

Farrar Corporation is a vertically integrated company providing ductile iron castings, machining and total quality service to original equipment manufacturing companies.

Vision Statement

Farrar Corporation strives to be a company that provides the highest quality products, services and turnkey solutions.

Company Core Values

Farrar Corporation operates with integrity, stewardship, teamwork, continuous improvement and a commitment to creative value for our customers while building long term relationships.