Our ISO 9001 Certified Pattern Shop

Our Norwich facility features a well-equipped pattern shop located close to our foundry, housing some of the manufacturing industry’s most advanced CAD and CNC machining equipment. With over 80 years of innovation in custom pattern-making services, Farrar Corporation is renowned as one of the premier pattern shops in America.

Precision Pattern-making Services Manufactured In America

At Farrar Corporation, we believe that the finished quality of a ductile iron casting is largely determined by the quality of the pattern from which its casted. That’s why we insist on designing and manufacturing our own patterns in house, utilizing precision CAD models to produce CNC machine matchplate patterns directly from billets of quality aluminum.

Some of the Equipment List Highlights of Our ISO Certified Pattern Shop:

Pattern Making Equipment

  • 1 – Hurco VMX64 CNC Mill
  • 1 – Hurco VM CNC Mill
  • 1 – Mori-Seiki SV-500 CNC Mill


Engineering & Design Technology

  • Solidworks
  • MasterCAM
  • Solidcast

Over 80 Years Of Precision Pattern-making Solutions

Founded in 1933 as a blacksmith and repair shop, Farrar Corporation possesses decades of industry-leading expertise in custom pattern-making and related manufacturing services. From quality ductile iron sand castings to CNC machining and innovative heat treatment processes, we are the go-to pattern shop for OEMs who require the highest quality American manufacturing.

Pattern Shop