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Casting, Machining & Manufacturing Services

Farrar Corporation has specialized in supplying quality ductile iron castings and heat treating services since 1933. Additionally, our state-of-the-art machine shop now offers a complete range of production services from design and manufacturing to assembly and delivery.

ISO certified and backed by a fully outfitted CNC machining facility, Farar Corporation has the in-house capabilities to tackle all of your unique manufacturing requirements.

Precision Pattern-Making & Casting

Our Norwich facility incorporates a fully equipped pattern shop in addition to our foundry. The finished quality of a casting is ultimately determined by the pattern from which its manufactured. That’s why we take pride in building all of our precision patterns in house to deliver the highest quality casting products possible.

Quality Heat Treating Services

If you require your castings to arrive annealed, our advanced heat treating capabilities have your products covered. We utilize a custom-designed system that includes three fully programmable furnaces with a fully automated material handling system between them, a cooling chamber and a shot blast machine. Our system streamlines production speed by eliminating the need to manually load the furnaces and shipping containers. This provides us with full control of the manufacturing process while saving both time and money.

Advanced CNC Machining

Our advanced CNC machining operations are carefully set up to efficiently machine the size and weight of the castings we internally produce. In addition, we are capable of machining castings larger than our internal capabilities as well as different materials. Utilizing our own in-house CNC machining operation provides us with additional opportunities to streamline the manufacturing process while upholding the highest quality standards.

ISO-Certified Assembly Services

Farrar has ample experience in ISO-certified assembly services. We can handle every facet of your quality manufacturing, assemble your components into turnkey products and deliver them to your door in record time. In one case, we have provided over 250,000 assemblies directly to a single client, all expertly built and ready for installation on their product line.