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Customer Service Means Everything at Farrar

While our high-quality products and vertically integrated process have allowed us to become a leader in the industry, it’s the customer service of a family-owned/privately held corporation that sets Farrar apart from our competition. It’s made possible by employees like Lauren Howe, a Client Accounts Manager, who oversees Farrar’s customer...
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Q&A: What’s it like being a Machinist at Farrar?

In this Q&A, we wanted to hear from a few team members that help operate our two CNC Machining facilities. To deliver ISO-certified quality products to our customers on time, it takes highly skilled individuals who all possess excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail. Farrar machinists are trained to...
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Investing For The Future

Modern Casting magazine features our commitment to growth in their October 2022 issue.  Our new melting system, shakeout system and the molding line have allowed us to make significant improvements in our efficiencies. Along with the addition of a new FBO-IIIS molding machine and integrating MAGMASOFT ® into our pattern...
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New Software MAGMASOFT® Coming to Pattern Shop

Farrar is excited to announce that our state-of-the-art pattern shop has invested in MAGMASOFT®, an innovative foundry engineering software. Pattern shop personnel will have completed initial training by August 22, and Farrar will begin to utilize the software in the coming weeks. MAGMA, a company that has been a staple...
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Why Ductile Iron?

At Farrar Corporation, we only pour ductile iron and ductile iron properties for austempered ductile iron (ADI). That’s because this type of metal has many advantages that best suit the needs of our customers, as we can manufacture products that are of the highest quality and in a cost-effective manner....
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What Does Vertical Integration Mean?

One aspect that sets Farrar apart from the competition is our vertically integrated production model. This means we control each stage from start to finish, ensuring your product is delivered on time and with the highest quality. Our streamlined pattern shop, foundry, and CNC machine facilities enable us to deliver...
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Farrar’s Long History of American Innovation

Farrar Corporation was founded in 1933, by Ernst Clifford (E.C.) Farrar, as a blacksmith and repair shop in the small town of Norwich, Kansas.  E. C. Farrar had a talent for fixing things, and he used that skill to serve his rural community. Almost 90 years later, that single shop...
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New Molding Line Brings Increased Capabilities to Farrar

Growth is essential at Farrar Corporation. Capital investments into our facilities are a priority for us and have helped us develop into a lead supplier of ductile iron castings. Our vision statement, “striving to be a company that provides the highest quality products, services and turnkey solutions,” speaks to this...
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The Importance of Reshoring in the Wake of COVID Lockdowns

At Farrar Corporation, we are proud to say that all our products are made right here in the USA, and we’ve been doing it that way since our humble beginnings back in 1933. We now have almost 90 years of innovative American manufacturing behind us, and it has transformed us...
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