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Expert Assembly & Finishing Services

Farrar Corporation offers expert product assembly services and cost-effective finishing options to provide our customers with ready-to-install turnkey solutions. From prototype to assembly, from design to delivery, all of our ductile iron castings, machining of castings, and pattern-making services are performed to ISO 9001:2015 quality standards.

ISO-Certified Assembly Services for Precision Turnkey Solutions

We have the capability to provide as little or as complex assembly as your products require—from relatively simple assembly operations, like installing grease zerks and bushings, to the mechanical assembly of gearboxes and other advanced turnkey products.

We will procure the necessary components to complete the assembly to the customer supplied specification, instruction and design. We can offer this turn-key solution at the assembly level most desired by the client: sub assembly or complete assembly.

Case Study: A Turnkey Gearbox Solution for the Lawn Care Industry

Farrar Corporation helped in the engineering and redesign of this gearbox/axle assembly for a zero-turn lawn mower company. The goal was to improve performance, increase the product’s operational life and streamline its manufacturability.

Farrar produces every part of the assembly including the housing, the internal gears and the axle and wheel hub (with the exception of the bearings and bolts). We have delivered over 250,000 of the assemblies directly to the customer ready for installation on their assembly line.

Painting & Product Finishing Services

At Farrar Corporation, we can have your fully assembled products ready for installation with our cost-effective primer dipping option. It’s a low-cost, quick turnaround finishing solution that will increase the durability of your components and help prevent corrosion while giving your products a consistent aesthetic.

For more premium product finishing options, we also have partnerships with outside facilities to offer powder coating, e-coating, liquid paint coating, anodizing, galvanizing and plating. All of our third-party service providers are carefully vetted by the experts at Farrar Corporation and chosen for their ability to deliver exceptional paint and powder coating results with unbeatable consistency.