Customer Service Means Everything at Farrar

While our high-quality products and vertically integrated process have allowed us to become a leader in the industry, it’s the customer service of a family-owned/privately held corporation that sets Farrar apart from our competition.

It’s made possible by employees like Lauren Howe, a Client Accounts Manager, who oversees Farrar’s customer service team. 

“We are the initial contact between prospective and current clients, and we strive to put forth a positive and professional experience to keep the clients happy,” said Howe. ‘When the customers are happy, they tend to be loyal to your business, which can lead to additional opportunities, which in turn can lead to a growing business!”

The key to pleasing our customers is to stay true to our core values, which place an emphasis on integrity and relationship building. 

“We provide timely and honest communication in all circumstances. Our goal is to have long-lasting relationships with our clients. Honesty, in addition to top-quality products, is one of the best ways to build and maintain those relationships,” said Howe.

We want our customers to know we are here to meet their needs each and every time.

“Farrar provides top-quality castings, and having high-quality customer service is the icing on the cake of happiness,” said Howe. “Our team provides prompt responses, we’re transparent in all aspects, and we look to anticipate their needs wherever possible.”

This open line of communication exists throughout the entire process and feedback from our customers is encouraged. This relationship ensures that the product is delivered to the desired specifications and level of quality that we always strive to hit. 

“If negative feedback is received, we make a strong effort to adjust and improve immediately,” said Howe. “We want the next interaction with that customer to be one they can feel positive about and know that we value their opinion.”

We are constantly growing at Farrar and are committed to finding new ways to enhance our products, pricing, and lead times for our loyal customers. Through our growth, our values haven’t wavered. Because of that, customer service has continued to be at the forefront of our service model and we look forward to continuing to grow current relationships and form new ones as we move into the future. 

if you are interested in using Farrar for your next project, visit our contact page to request a quote and get in touch with our manufacturing experts.